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Pratiko Business Consulting & Services delivers skilled strategic consulting and practical support services to enable the growth and success of professional associations, industry groups and SMEs.  Areas of specialisation include --

Member acquisition and retention initiatives for enduring member engagement

Excellence in marketing, communication, member services and business development

Managing memorable corporate events from start to finish

English translation of "pratiko"

Adjective = practical, practiced, experienced, versed, serviceable, businesslike 

1.  Of or concerned with the actual doing or use of something rather than with theory or ideas

2. Likely to succeed or be effective in real circumstances

3. Suitable for a particular purpose

4. Sensible and realistic in their approach to a situation or problem

5. Skilled at manual tasks

Joanne Neely
Founder &
Principal Consultant
Email:  joanne@pratiko.com.au
Mobile: 0418 515 629

With over two decades dedication in the 'trenches' of a prestigious national member-focused organisation, I have demonstrable evidence of leadership and commercial success.  When you partner with me, you get --

-- An unflagging passion to deliver excellence in service and a better experience 

-- Advanced member engagement expertise

-- A collaborative approach to empower others to achieve positive outcomes

-- An enthusiastic, empathetic and innovative self-starter

-- Extensive experience managing events [large or small] from concept to finish

-- Observable problem-solving & change management competencies

-- Proven ability to identify continuous improvement opportunities

-- Highly-developed communication, time management and organisational skills

-- Strong attention to detail to manifest a professional image

-- Logical, methodical & strategic thinker with well-developed analytical capabilities

-- Diverse business acumen across multiple business disciplines 

Prior to establishing Pratiko Business Consulting, I held strategic and operational leadership roles at The CEO Institute, including Chief Executive - VIC; National General Manager - Communication; National General Manager - Online Services; and a member of the Executive Management Team for eight years.   

I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn or Contact Us to request a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss and explore solutions to your business  challenges.  

"I can confidently say that with her skills, experience and understanding of the needs of business people Joanne is well-placed to successfully undertake consultancy work in the SME business sector."

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